1. Support for new Twitter clients in new Boxcar iOS application

    We just added support for new Twitter clients in the third-party application settings.

    In addition to official Twitter client, Tweetbot and several others, you can now choose to open one of the following client when you tap a notification from the notification center:

    • Tweetcaster / Tweetcaster Pro
    • Hootsuite
    • UberSocial / UberSocial Pro

    Enjoy !

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  4. New Boxcar 1.2.4 released

    We just released a new version of Boxcar iOS client. This is a bugfix release that solve issue that some users had with empty notifications (and when this happens, possibly overlapping text in inbox.

    Thank you all for your feedback :)

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  6. Boxcar 2 now offers 29 email aliases with different notification sounds

    Sounds are an important feature in Boxcar 2, especially for mail, as it allows to know which type of mail you just received without even looking at your phone screen.

    Boxcar 2 now provides you with an email alias per available sound in the application. It means that you can forward your professional email to an alias and your personal email to another alias and both will sound different when you receive the mail.

    Add the value “+soundname” between your email alias and the mail domain name is enough to receive a mail with a special sound.

    For example, suppose your forward email is “”.

    • sending an email to will play cash register sound when mail is received.
    • sending an email to will play echo sound when email is received.
    • sending an email to will ensure mail is received without playing a sound.
    • etc…

    It means that all users have 29 forward email addresses available in Boxcar 2.

    Full documentation with the list of all the available sounds is here: Boxcar 2: How to have multiple email aliases with different sounds.

    Enjoy !

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  9. GigaOM releases report on brand engagement through in-app communication

    Mobile apps now allow businesses to be more responsive to users than ever before, but this interaction has created new customer expectations. While a mobile app must fulfill its core function, it must also continue a dialog with its users to remain relevant. Doing so requires ongoing, intelligent, targeted outreach to customers and an extension of customer-service strategy into the app itself.

    Brands and businesses that develop mobile applications must be aware of the demands and limits of an increasingly sophisticated mobile audience, build a communications strategy that spans the appropriate communications channels, and play to the strength of each channel.


    In-App communication gathers as a whole three mobile oriented channels:

    • Native Push Notification services.
    • In-app notifications.
    • In-app chat.

    Together, they form the three main components of brand realtime user relationship management on mobile. Today, those three approaches are your best bet to establish a strong communication channel that provides a real value to your users.

    The field is quite new and we are glad to be able to share with GigaOM the first research on brand engagement through in-app communication.

    The document gives examples, insights and best practices to tighten the links with your mobile application user base and provide them the best value at the right time.

    We are pleased to make this report available for free to people interested in Boxcar Push Notifications Service. Join our mailing list focused on leveraging in-app communication for brands to receive report download link » 

    (Do not worry, it’s low traffic, no spam, we only care about the value we give you).

    Report is also available to GigaOM subscribers.

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  13. Boxcar Developer Push Console supports Github Sign-up

    Everyone hates managing and creating user accounts. As a developer, I handle tens of accounts just for the various tools and services that I rely on to do my job.

    So, having tools to “sign up” with a very popular service is something that can make my daily routine simpler. For developers, that popular service is Github.


    So, we are very pleased to introduce a feature to Sign-up / Sign in our push console for developer using Github. There is no form to fill and no login and password to enter. Just click the “Sign In with Github” button. You are redirected to Github site to approve granting a token for authentication using Github and access to a few profile infos to create the account.


    We understand that we need to be unintrusive, so we only ask for access to user profile information, no repository or organization access for example. That allows us to create your account without any form to fill. We only access once the fields we need to create your account: email address, first name and last name, avatar and company name if any in your profile.

    Despite avoiding filling our account creation form, “Github Sign-in” also allows us also to authenticate you later without asking your login and password. This is Github based single sign-on.

    The extra benefit is that if you have enabled two-factor authentication on Github (you should, really), you benefit from two-factor authentication on Boxcar Push Console as well.

    Bottom line is that it is a very convenient feature but:

    • We never access your repositories (public or private).
    • You can always opt-in for traditional login and password authentication on Boxcar Push Console.
    • You can always revert this grant. If you ever want to remove the link to Boxcar Push Console, you can go to Github “Account Settings -> Applications” and then Revoke “Boxcar Push Console” access in the “Authorized applications” section. But remember, that we only use user information to create the account and we never query Github again.

    We hope you will enjoy this new feature. The feature has been deployed today on our Push Console for Developer and is ready for you to try.

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  15. New Boxcar 1.2.2 has been released

    This version is a bugfix release fixing:
    • A crash when deleting all notifications at once in inbox.
    • crash sometime happening on Twitter account registration.

    We also improved the server-side component with the following changes:

    • Faster delivery of RSS feeds, lower latency.
    • Fixed issue with encoding in some feeds.

    Enjoy !

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  17. Boxcar Large Scale Developer Push Service Available to All Developers

    ProcessOne and Boxcar have been building push services for real-time notifications since the launch of the push feature on iOS. Our core business has been since that time to deploy large scale notification services for carriers, broadcasters, ensuring very high availability, very fast delivery in a cost-effective way.

    A massive scale push service now available for everyone

    This service has only been available for select large scale customers until now.

    We are opening it today to everyone, including smaller developers. It offers many benefits that can attract startups and smaller brands:

    • Our SDK is tailored to be very small and lightweight. We do not want you to build a huge stack of services you will likely not use to plug on our platform.
    • Our platform is cost-effective and offers fixed priced plan for unlimited number of messages. Our technology allow us to control the numbers of workers, redundancy, speed, message priority in realtime. Thus, you pay a fixed price for an unlimited number of messages and can select which delivery speed you need considering your number of devices and the criticity of your typical notifications.
    • We can grow and scale with you. The same platform works for small companies to huge broadcasters.
    • Our platform offers unique realtime analytics feature to see how people are reacting to a given notification in realtime.
    • Our platform goes beyond standard phone push notification with an in-app notification channel. You can receive notifications from within your app that do not need to go through Apple or Google services.
    • Our platform supports iOS and all flavour of Android push services (Google GCM, Amazon ADM, Nokia Push Messaging).

    What’s the deal ? What’s the plan ?

    We have refactored a large portion of our large scale service and added self-service configuration and credit card payment. You can freely create an account and setup your project. Once everything is working as expected in your mobile app, setup your credit card information (Using Recurly Payment system) and you are ready to go live.

    At the moment pricing is very simple:

    • Development plan is free (up to 200 devices).
    • Startup / independant developers plans are as follow:

      • 500 pushes per minute, unlimited monthly pushes and devices: 7 euros per month
      • 750 pushes per minute, unlimited monthly pushes and devices: 30 euros per month
      • 1000 pushes per minute, unlimited monthly pushes and devices: 100 euros per month
      • 1500 pushes per minute, unlimited monthly pushes and devices: 200 euros per month

    We can of course handle much larger scale to suit the needs of larger corporations, broadcasters and carriers, with delivery speed up to 3 million pushes per minute.

    However, the higher plans need to go through setting invoice / payment system as monthly price goes higher than usual charges on credit card. Contact us and we can make that happen.

    We did not yet made available all our features, like customer segmentation or geotarget push, but those features are coming in due time.

    You can expect the team to be helping on a daily basis to improve FAQ, documentation and the console itself to help you understand push notifications and make sure you make the best of it to grow your business.

    If you are developer of an iOS and / or an Android application, please, go ahead and create your free developer account on Boxcar Developer Console.

    We are here to assist you !

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  19. New Boxcar 1.2.1 has been released

    This version is  a bugfix release aimed at fixing

    • Crashes that can occur when selecting and deleting messages in bulk edit mode.
    • Scroll to top that could sometime be blocked before the actual top of the inbox.

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  21. New Boxcar 1.2.0 has been released

    New Boxcar 1.2.0 is a major improvement over the previous release and show a steady improvement pace.
    Among major features we added:
    Automatic quiet hours
    You can now add a period during which you do not want to be disturb.
    The feature has been placed on the top of the root screen, close to the very handy do not disturb manual switch.

    When you tap the clock, you are presented with a screen to enable automatic quiet mode and set the quiet period.
    Ability to search inboxes
    You can now search inboxes. At the top of each box, you have a search field that you can use to find specific notification.

    Search is performed for now in title, source name and short message preview.
    Ability to create search in new filter or to directly define filters with a keyword
    There is more. If you tap the + button after having performed the search, you are proposed the option to create a filter based on your seach to ease reading your notification. You can for example create an urgent box that will contain notification with the keyword urgent (your alert emails for example).

    Note that you can directly create a filter with a specific keyword on filter creation as well.
    Ability to do bulk change on inbox to mark multiple messages as read or delete them
    When tapping the “Edit” button in any box / filter, you can enter the bulk change mode. You can use it to “mark as read” or “delete” multiple messages.

    Readability for twitter links

    When tapping Readability icon (the red couch) on a Twitter notification, we will now submit link content and retrieve and display the result from readability service.
    User Interface improvements
    We also improved the following:
    • New more readable images for filter & sources
    • Small other changes (insets in folder view)
    Finally, we solved a few issues as well:
    • Sounds are now sync with server
    • Fix problem with ‘&’ in passwords
    • other small bug fixes

    Server-side performance

    While working on this version, we also improved our infrastructure to limit abuses and reduce push notification latency.

    We hope you will enjoy this new release. You can download it from iTunes Boxcar 2 page. Spread the word and leave great reviews !

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  23. Uptime Robot support for Boxcar 2

    Uptime Robot monitoring service is now supporting Boxcar 2 alerts. The team just announced in a blog post the brand new Uptime Robot Boxcar 2 support.

    The service allows you to receive in realtime event about your monitored servers. You can define up to 50 monitors, checked every 5 minutes for free.
    This is a another great addition / update to Boxcar 2 ecosystem, and more are to come.
    Stay alerted !

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  25. New Boxcar 1.1.3 has been released

    A new version of the New Boxcar iOS application has been released.

    This is a release that focus on smoothness and bug fixes.

    We added new features and made a few user interface improvements:

    • Ability to select less than 500 in cache (100 - 250)
    • Auto refresh when coming from background
    • New placeholder images for filter & sources
    • New progress bar in article and browser view
    • Tweak collection view cell, making it less tall
    • Performance improvements

    Of course, we also fixed a bunch of annoying bugs:

    • User Interface glitch when the internet sharing or call bar is displayed on some article view
    • Fix white images for sources
    • Fix scrolling glitch in collection (come back / deletion / new items / scroll to top). That was causing lists to scroll to unexpected places.

    Your input is very welcome. Please, join the user community on Uservoice to help us build an app useful for everyone:

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