1. [New Provider] - Plug Spy: MacBook Protection

    One of the things we love to do is tell you about cool providers that do awesome things AND integrate with Boxcar to give you real-time push notifications when they do!

    Today’s topic of choice is Plug-Spy. This useful service is designed to give you instant warnings if someone tries to steal your MacBook or even enter a wrong password in the standard OS X login panel. That way, you’ll get a notification on your phone right away, and can decide what next steps to take.


    Plug-Spy integrates seamlessly with Mac OS X and Apple iCloud “Find my Mac,” and will work with the newest generation of MacBooks. No Kensington Lock or Sudden Motion Sensor is required and you don’t have to remember an additional password or shortcut. You can read Plug-Spy’s blog post on the update here.

    Plug Spy auto-activates when your screen is locked and starts an annoying high volume alert sound and sends a Growl (and now, Boxcar!) notification when your MacBook gets unplugged from the MagSafe power adapter.

    With access protection enabled, you will also get notified when someone enters a wrong password in the login panel, tries to access your MacBook with a different user account, or restarts your Mac in Safari Guest mode.

    Purchase PlugSpy for just $2.99 from the Apple Mac store or download a free 3-day trial here. Then, while logged into your PlugSpy account, go to the “Access” tab to set up Boxcar notifications.

    Type in the email address you use to log into Boxcar with, and click “Test.” Done!

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