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  1. Our 2011 Holiday Wish

    You know, we’ve got some pretty awesome fans. Yeah, we’re talking about you.

    We’ve got a lot of great things cooking behind-the-scenes here, and every day we make Boxcar even better.

    We’ve changed our support system, and are working on responding more promptly to technical concerns.

    We’re working on both fun and useful tweaks to the app itself.

    And we keep getting awesome shout-outs and feedback from our fans that lets us know we’re on the right track. 

    So our holiday wish this year is simple. We want even more people to know about Boxcar.

    Would you do us a favor? Right now, send a quick email, post a brief Facebook status, or maybe tweet (#boxcarbrilliant is a great hashtag) and let at least one friend know about what we do and what ya like about us. It’d mean a ton.

    Happy holidays, and thanks so much for another terrific year - we can’t wait to roll out even more awesome in 2012.

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