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  1. Wanna Be a Boxcar Provider?

    Have some valuable updates and information you want to push out to a fan base or your client list or maybe your organization?

    Even if you’re not a developer, you can now create providers and subscribe Boxcar users online without writing code. You’ll send out messages to your subscribers, sort of like setting up a mailing list, but with push instead of email.

    Sound cool? You got that right!

    With Boxcar, it’s simple - we’ve made the process SUPER easy. 3 steps. Seriously.

    And now, we’ve also added a helpful feature - you can send an update to specific users individually via the web interface (read, again, EASY). Check it out:


    Questions? Let us know - we’re here to help. Boxcar aims to be useful AND fun.

    What kind of service could *you* share using Boxcar? We’re all ears.

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