1. Facebook FIX!

    It’s the news you’ve been waiting for. We figured it out.

    Facebook is now requiring additional permissions from you, our awesome Boxcar fans, in order for us to be able to deliver the push notifications you know and love.


    Run, don’t walk, to our Boxcar website* (here’s a link so it’s handy) and…

    DELETE that FB service you’ve been having trouble getting messages and updates from.


    Feel better? We thought you might.

    Now…re-install it. That means add the service again (and don’t cheat and just log out and back in to your FB account - that won’t work). Got that?

    And after all that work (what…5 clicks?)…voilá…the sun will start shining, birds will start tweeting (no wait, that’s Twitter), and life will once again turn ON.

    You’re welcome. You’re the bestest. And we’ll see you around. :)

    *Note: Currently you do need to go to the website to make the change. We’ll add the additional authentication to our next update of the iOS app down the road.

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