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  1. NEW: Sparrow Mail Notifications through Boxcar!


    Are you a Sparrow fan, looking for push notifications? Look no further.

    Not only was Sparrow for Mail just released over in the App Store…<cheers!>…

    …BUT we’ve also added Sparrow as a new option in our apps list to open for your Boxcar Mail notification service. That means it’s super-easy, super-handy for you to get the notifications you need, connected with a great mail service that’s super-popular.

    There’s a great article over on App Advice from Christine Chan, talking about the Sparrow service and its unique features, including a whole lot of great screenshots, called “Sparrow is the Best Email App for Your iPhone Since Apple’s Own.”

    In case you’re interested, you can chat with the Sparrow team on Twitter at @sparrow, or read their latest blog updates on Tumblr.

    Here’s a Sparrow how-to about adding Boxcar notifications. Have any questions for us? Just ask.

    We hope you find this new mail option useful, and we look forward to hearing your feedback. Have a fantastic day, and happy emailing!

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