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  1. Devs: Port Your App Builds Wirelessly to Devices for Testing!

    We love the ingenuity our fans and providers display in their suggestions and the cool tools they build that incorporate Boxcar.

    One very cool example of this is the work of Carl Brown (@CarlAllenBrown). His app, AppDropOTA, came out a couple months ago on the Apple Mac App Store.

    Carl says his app allows developers to “drag-and-drop your .app bundle, and via Dropbox and the push notifications of Boxcar, you can have your App running on your device with just a couple of taps.”

    Naturally, this is handy, since you can install your apps quickly without having to keep your phone plugged in to sync.

    Check out the demo video below to see how Carl installs an app for testing on 9 devices in under two minutes using Boxcar push notifications and AppDropOTA.

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