1. We <3 Our Awesome Fans!

    Every once in a while, we like to mix things up around here a bit.

    We’ve been busy with a lot of behind-the-scenes projects and some pretty neat third-party push work (check out the TechCrunch article if you hadn’t heard).

    But we also get to talk to you, our awesome fans, quite a bit. You guys talk to us when you need help, you talk about us when you find a cool new service that integrates Boxcar, and you tell your friends about us too. And we heart that.

    So we wanted to let you know. Personally.

    Some of our followers on Twitter received snail mail (yep, it still exists - old-fashioned push notification) thank you’s last week.

    For following us. For being Boxcar Brilliants. For being awesome.

    And like the awesome fans they are (you too), they tweeted us back in reply and made our day.

    Check it out:


    …and we’ve gotten more since. Thanks guys.

    Love the pics, love your tweets, love the awesome. Enjoy your week!

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