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  1. It’s Fun Friday, and here at Boxcar, we’re highlighting our Quiet Time feature. :)

    Some of our fans love us for the ability to pick specific sounds per service. Some like us for our fast push-notification. And some like us…for our quiet.

    You might not have heard about it, but if you go into your general Boxcar settings (gear icon, upper-right-corner), you can pick a specific time range to daily have notifications go silent. It’s the top option in your settings list.

    Want to sleep from 10 p.m. - 6 a.m. (8 hours? Who does that?!) and only be awakened by the buzz of your social world after that? Boxcar’s got you covered.

    Choose your own times in increments of 15 min. and enjoy the convenience of Boxcar notifications available when you want them. We’ll stay quiet in meetings, classes, and sleep for you when you don’t. Enjoy your weekend!

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