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  1. Boxcar Improvements since July

    Here’s a quick update on what’s been accomplished since Boxcar’s acquisition by Kwaga in late July.  THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS is that the service’s stability has improved significantly outside of two short outages in early August and early September. 

    We apologize for the outages and have pinpointed the problems and have moved forward. 

    What’s Changed?

    We’re still pushing your messages every two minutes every day (with some delays during peak hours) and only 3 services had to be dropped from twitter:

    • Twitter search
    • Twitter lists
    • Twitter Follow

    Unfortunately, this is out of our hands as Twitter has stopped whitelisting IP addresses, so we’re limited to the number of requests we can make each day for polling services.  That being said, you can still benefit from push services for all of these twitter actions, except the first, timeline updates, for the same reason as above (Twitter’s limited 3rd party API server requests):

    What’s Next?

    Now that the platform has been laregly stabilized we’re looking to bring the best of Kwaga’s main product, WriteThatname to Boxcar as many WriteThatname users have expressed the need to confirm/modify their contacts’ info on their iPhone.  Likewise, we will investigate the possibility of notifying you of only “important emails” via Boxcar, as Kwaga specializes in semantic technology/

    If you have any specific issues, please contact us here and to take advantage of an exclusive discount for Boxcar users of WriteThatname, go here.

    Thanks for your support!  

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