1. Boxcar and Google +

    Wow - looks like everyone wants to know about Boxcar and Google+.

    Over the past week we’ve gotten numerous tweets about whether or not we’d be supporting Google+ push notifications. The answer - We would love to add them to our list of services. The problem - Google+ is super new, and there’s no available API yet for us to work with. Google only has a form for developers to fill out if they’re interested in working with an API. We’ve filled out the form and are waiting patiently to get access. If you’re super anxious about not missing anything there’s no need to wait, we’ve got a workaround for you!

    Just use a Boxcar Email Service with your Gmail account and filter for Google+ notifications! It’s pretty easy to set up. 

    1. Open Boxcar and tap (or click) Add Services
    2. Select Email Service from the list of available services (Hint: You can add as many Email Services as you like, so creating one specifically for Google+ notifications isn’t a problem)
    3. On the Add Service screen, go ahead and set up the Email Service just like you would normally (Hint: If you have more than one Email Service, consider naming this one Google +)
    4. We’ll send you an email to your login email address with instructions
    5. Take the forwarding address we generate for you and set up a Gmail filter for “From: Google+” that forwards to the email address we provided
    6. Go back to Boxcar and edit your new Google+ Email Service and select one of our super fun sounds (Hint: We like “Tada” for Google+ notifications)

    There yah go. You should start receiving your super awesome Google+ notifications right away. Just make sure that your Google+ notification settings at are switched on.

    Thanks everyone!

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